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Attorney James Hope
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Attorney James Hope
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Attorney James Hope

As my Attorney, how can you help?

In three ways: I can use my experience to advise you, negotiate with the State of Florida in your behalf, and represent you in court.

We need to explore things such as: How strong is the State's case against you -- is it likely to hold up in court? Are you in danger of additional criminal charges, enhanced penalties, or an unexpected loss of your Driver's License? Do you stand to fare better or worse, if you choose to reject all settlement offers, and have your case decided by a Jury?

What will be your basic strategy?

In large part, that depends upon you, the Client. Some people simply wish to 'make the best out of a bad situation.' Others are resolute in wanting to 'take it all the way, and be vindicated' of false charges. Different people can tolerate different amounts of risk when their liberty is at stake, and so these are all matters to seriously discuss with your attorney. The bottom line, however, is that in defending you against the State's criminal charges I will work to accomplish your goals, within the bounds of the law and ethics.

What is the first step?

I offer a free consultation, without any obligation to hire me. This is so we can get acquainted, evaluate your legal predicament, discuss your goals in resolving the matter, and lastly, for me to formulate a price for my legal services -- in the event you wish to hire me to be your attorney.

Please note that for the benefit of everyone concerned, and in order to keep my case load buy cialis as low as possible, I must consciously limit the number of cases that I accept, so as to give each Client's criminal defense the important attention it deserves. Therefore, I would invite you to call my office. My secretary will gladly take down some basic information about your situation, and can usually advise you immediately, or within 24 hours, whether your matter can be scheduled for a free consultation.

Where can I get further information, quickly?

Feel free to listen to my pre-recorded, 4 minute outgoing message line, 24 hours a day, by calling (352) 742-9650.


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